The Beginning

The idea of an individual power plant in Cracow became real in 1895 – 1898 when the City obtained a license to build a tramline. The Director of the Cracow Gas Plant tabled a motion to start a construction of the city power plant during the session of the gas subcommittee on May 13th, 1899. One year later, on April 27th 1900, the City Managing Authorities finally adopted a resolution to assign the design and construction of the Power Plant to Jan Rzymkowski – the Architect. The construction works of the Dajwór Power Plant began in 1904 and its official start-up was in February 1905. Because of a constantly increasing demand for power supply, the Plant was further expanded in 1910 – 1914. The scope of works included also the construction of the buildings at ul. Św. Wawrzyńca.


Wawrzynca19 is part of the industrial complex of the former Municipal Power Station. Due to its urban architectural value, the development of the site is supervised by Cracow’s Conservatory office.