Wawrzynca19’s new design remains true to its environment, embracing the restored brick facade of the rear boiler area whilst combining industrial aesthetics and functionality.

Wawrzynca19 offers multiple options, from studios and one-bedrooms to duplexes and penthouses. The apartments are bright, well laid-out and many come with private outdoor space, such as balconies. The building is made to be energy efficient, using the latest in technology, so that residents have the best in comfort but at minimum cost.


The central courtyard serves as an oasis from the public noise of the city. Hidden in the heart of Kazimierz is a verdant garden flooded with natural light for the enjoyment of all residents.


During the construction, much of the original structure is preserved. In addition, the following steps are taken to protect the cultural heritage:

Re-claiming two belt feeders, coal steam boilers, formerly part of a Babcock-Wilcox system, and displaying them to bridge this new project to its past. Preservation of the steel support structure for coal silos will now be reused in the courtyard area to support the glass canopy.

The Atrium

The entire ground floor space fronting Wawrzynca Street will be available for retail and commercial businesses. Ideally, Wawrzynca19 residents will have the convenience of gourmet food stores, cafes, spas, fitness centers, or other similar businesses located right in their building.

Restoration of the bridge crane located in the former machine hall, with gantry rails visible from inside the atrium hints at the impressive industrial scale of the former plant.